For new users

Hatena Monolith allows you to scan barcodes from any kind of product that exists around you. You can use Monolith to easily keep track of your collections or to introduce things you like with others, and enjoy sharing your purchases and collections in a whole new way.

After you install Hatena Monolith for your iPhone 3GS or Android device, you'll be able to scan barcodes and share your stuff on the web. You can also simultaneously post your Monolith entries to Twitter.

For an introduction to Monolith, or for information about how to install the application, please see the guide page.

People Timeline

You can use the People Timeline to view posts by the people you are following.

How to follow other users

You can follow another user by accessing their profile and adding them, or by searching for them with "Search for friends" from the upper left menu on your smartphone.

Item Timeline

Items that you post to Monolith will automatically be followed by others, and displayed on the Item Timeline. Items that receive posts from other users will be displayed on the very top of the Item Timeline, and you can read comments and photos posted to find people who share your interests.

Points you can receive when posting

When you post an item to Hatena Monolith, you will receive "Monolith Points". Your Monolith Points are viewable of your profile page in recent (the past 7 days) or overall view. The Monolith Points you earn may lead to something special.


You can receive medals for your activities on Monolith. Try different kinds of things on Monolith to find out what kinds of medals you can get.

Picture save destination

Photos that you post will be saved uploaded to Hatena's photo-sharing service, Hatena Fotolife. When you delete an entry, the photo(s) you posted will also be deleted. You can upload a maximum of 30MB per month to Hatena Fotolife. If you want to upload more that 30MB in one month, you can purchase a subscription to Hatena Fotolife Plus to increase your storage limit.

Connect with Twitter

If you use the post to Twitter function you'll be able to simultaneously post your Monolith entries to your Twitter account. If you use this function you can easily introduce the things you like to your followers on Twitter.

Friend Ranking

Check the Friend Ranking page to see your mutual friends, and Monolith Points that you have earned in the past 7 days. You can access this page from the upper left menu on your smartphone, or from your Profile page on the Monolith website.

Scanning problems

You can scan items more easily if you move the camera closer to or farther from the barcode you are trying to read. You can also try adjusting the angle of the barcode to vary the way light is reflected upon it.

Can I use my iPhone 3G?

The camera on the iPhone 3G does not support macro photography, so it is not well-suited for scanning barcodes. However, if you use a macro lens attachment or a magnifying glass with the iPhone3G you may be able to scan some barcodes, however this may not work for all types.

Support Information

If you have a problem please contact Hatena Customer Support at